How A Partner Can Be Unmindful

There are many things that make the flame of passion die down in a relationship. One of them is neglect. When one or both of the individuals ignore to do even the smallest of things, it could result to a strain on the bond or even breakup. Neglect is also not exclusive to one gender as both the man and woman could be complacent on several things.



A guy tends to become less attracted to the gal or bored in the relationship when a woman is unmindful of things like these:

  1. She no longer gives attention to grooming. Even if a woman has gained some weight or her face may look haggard due to stress, she can compensate by wearing something nice or putting on some make-up.
  2. She does all the talking and forgets to listen. There are days when a guy just needs to let out his frustrations without someone interrupting while he is talking.

A woman feels unloved when the man ignores to express how much she means to him. This is not necessarily saying “I love you” everyday. It could be simply being apathetic to her needs or lacking that quality time for each other.

  1. He no longer woos her. The flowers, sweet dates and love quotes for her in the early stage of the relationship have all vanished.
  2. He neglects to spend even 10 minutes to talk about each other.
  3. He neglects to compliment her looks or her contributions in the relationship.
  4. He rarely shows tenderness in the gaze, gestures and words.

It takes two to tango and neither should be unmindful. A lady can be desirable in any age, stage or weight. The man can express love through simple ways like jotting down love quotes for her on a piece of scented paper.